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Restraining Order
The State of Massachusetts restraining orders seek to protect you from violence. There are two types of protective orders in the state, they are:

• Domestic Violence Prevention Order (referred to as a 209A Abuse Prevention order)
• Harassment Prevention Order

Both orders are in place to protect you from violent and abusive relationships. The Domestic Violence Prevention Order seeks to protect you from: current or former spouses, current or former dates that suddenly turn violent and abusive, protection from current or former people that you have shared residence with, protection from those related by blood or marriage, and protection even if you have a common bond of a child.

The Harassment Prevention Order covers a much broader range of violence and abuse.
If you find yourself in any situation that you feel threatened or intimated and there is damage to you or your property, contact Attorney Arvett G. Bradford immediately.

If you are a victim of any type of involuntary sexual relations by means of force, threats, or duress contact Attorney Arvett G. Bradford right away.

Other acts under the Harassment Prevention Order include: criminal stalking, criminal harassment, enticement of minors, indecent assault and battery.

Call your attorney. Call Attorney Arvett G. Bradford.
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